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Introduction to SmartX Chain Faucet Ecological SAX Project

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Faucet ecological SAX project redefines blockchain mining, a simple way to quickly earn cryptocurrency, and participate in faucet ecological token SAX mining through mobile app.

For those who don’t know the faucet ecology, let’s systematically explain how to obtain another token on the SmartX chain: faucet ecology SAX token after SAT main network coin. Faucet ecology runs independently and is released on the SmartX chain. SAX token rewards participants through an interesting and simple mining game. SAX links community ecological communication and community activity, and shares the value concept of 100% community autonomy. Everyone can empower it and hold it. It is an ecological application with no boundary. All SAX tokens are mined and divided by community members. There is no official holding or large whale family. Those who operate mining nodes receive SAX token reward share.

When the production of faucet ecological SAX token will be reduced is determined by SAT coin price of SmartX chain

Phase 1: SAT < 0.1U, daily output of 1,500,000 SAX
Phase 2: SAT >= 0.1U, daily output of 750,000 SAX

Faucet ecological SAX token distribution scheme:

Phase 1:(SAT<0.1U)
Total SAX Tokens2,000,000,000
Total Output / Day1,500,000
Total Output / Month45,000,000
Handling Fee Rate8%
Total Handling Fee / Month3,600,000
    SAX Community Team Leader / Month216,000
    SAX Community Group Owner / Month2,844,000
SAX R&D Team / Month252,000
SmartX Development Team / Month288,000
Proportion of Miners92%
Miner Output / Month41,400,000
Phase 2:(SAT>=0.1U,halve production)
Total SAX Tokens2,000,000,000
Total Output / Day750,000
Total Output / Month22,500,000
Handling Fee Rate8%
Total Handling Fee / Month1,800,000
    SAX Community Team Leader / Month108,000
    SAX Community Group Owner / Month1,422,000
SAX R&D Team / Month126,000
SmartX Development Team / Month144,000
Proportion of Miners92%
Miner Output / Month20,700,000

SmartX chain ecology, faucet ecology is a reward system provided in the form of DAPP or website application, which issues SAX tokens in the form of SmartX wallet address mining. This is the main form of SAX reward of faucet ecological coin: participants apply for mining for free, complete mining tasks and man-machine verification codes, and divide SAX token reward every day. With the participation of more and more miners, SAX token will have higher value, and will also enable SmartX chain.

Data of faucet ecological SAX project

Chinese Name: 水龙头生态币
English Name: SAX
Smart contract: sy64hlhi6srwzftosbpya4nc6guxyrsci
Total issued: 2 billion
Token distribution: free of charge in major communities
Website link: https://miner.smartx.one/
Destruction mechanism: SAX token output and release constant. When the total amount released is less than the total amount of output, the remaining tokens are destroyed once a month.

Faucet ecology allows you to do simple tasks, such as clicking mining, solving man-machine verification codes, and possibly increasing tasks such as playing games, clicking advertisements or watching videos in the future. You will earn rewards for every task you do. When there are more players, the production of SAX divided by a single player will be reduced. Please cherish the early time to participate in faucet ecological mining!

The total number of SAX is 2 billion and the daily fixed output is 1.5 million. In addition to the handling fee of 8% of the daily output, the miners in the whole network divide up the remaining share. The reward will be calculated according to the time zone (GMT + 8:00) and updated at 24:00 every day.

Daily reward = number of gold coins earned by participants / total number of gold coins earned by all participants * share divided on that day

Participation method: register to participate in mining with the invitation code of faucet ecological participants

Participants log in to the faucet every day to collect gold coins and upgrade. They invite friends to participate and get an additional 10% bonus. The more friends you invite, the more rewards you get.

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