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SmartX Project Development Plan on July 7,2021

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SmartX’s Q2 project development plan has been completed

  1. Complete the development of all the features of mainnet described in SmartX White Paper V3.
  2. Complete the node precomputing version, precomputing and preprocessing package and broadcast, improve the sharding fusion rate.
  3. The snapshot version development is completed, and the mainnet data is snapshot once a month. It doesn’t need to pull the whole network data to build a sharding node. It only needs to use the snapshot version to quickly synchronize the latest data, and then build a sharding node.
  4. Complete the mapping from ERC20 token to mainnet coin. The unmapped ERC20 token will become a cross chain asset.
  5. Completed the third phase of Faucet Mining airdrop activity.
  6. Complete one click deployment smart contract.
  7. Develop asynchronous multithreading, optimize internal block outages and application ledger height versions.
  8. SAT mainnet coin is listed on AEX exchange, and the withdrawal fee is 1 SAT.
  9. Complete the node availability query function, scan the latest 20 heights, and count the block generation rate of the latest 20 heights.
  10. The internal reconciliation function is completed, and the expected coin production and the actual coin production are consistent.
  11. PoW algorithm is modified from SHA256 to Randomx algorithm to prevent unfair mining.
  12. With the third party stars team completed the development of the red envelope on the smartx chain.

SmartX’s Q3 project development plan

  1. Anonymous communication
  2. Shake (social function)
  3. Small gift box invitation mechanism launched in succession.
  4. More exchanges Online
  5. Building new communities
  6. Support NFT products
  7. Open community SDK ecological interface
  8. Online DEX exchange
  9. Support cross chain
  10. Open the cooperation of value application platform
  11. Developing more languages for SmartX wallet
  12. Develop EVM virtual machine to support solidity language and open smart contract development

SmartX Community Team

July 7, 2021

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