Announcement of phase III ERC20-SAT token mapping

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Dear SmartX Community Users:

Due to the relevant reasons negotiated with the ERC20 token exchanges, the SmartX mainnet has not been able to connect with the ERC20 token exchanges within the expected time frame. Therefore, we hereby publish the announcement of phase III ERC20-SAT token mapping. SAT users please read the “Notes” carefully!

End time: June 30, 2021 24:00 (GMT+8)

The mapping process is as follows:

  • 1. First, transfer the ERC20-SAT tokens to the ETH mapping address of SAT Wallet APP: In the “DApps” bar, click the apply for ETH mapping address button; Copy the address for transfer and wait for the transfer to be successful.
  • 2. After successful transfer, please check whether the balance under the mapping address is accurate. SAT mainnet coins will be issued to SAT Wallet within the mapping cycle. Please check whether the number of SAT in the wallet is correct.
  • 3. Please do not repeat the transfer to the same mapping address. If you have any problems, please contact the development team. Email: onesmartx@gmail.com
  • 4. Download the latest version of SAT Wallet: https://explore.smartx.one/download


  • 1. SAT Development Team is trying to negotiate with the ERC20 token exchanges to connect the SmartX mainnet as much as possible, but it cannot be guaranteed that the connection will be smooth and when it will be completed;
  • 2. This will be the last mapping and any ERC20-SAT tokens that are not mapped as of 24:00 on 30 June 2021 (GMT+8) will be considered as an SAT cross-chain asset;
  • 3. Users holding ERC20-SAT tokens are requested to choose whether to map or not at their own risk.

SmartX Development Team

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