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Announcement on the total number of SAT coins initialization and wallet address

By 2021年6月1日 6月 7th, 2021 No Comments

According to the SmartX White Paper, when the SmartX mainnet was launched, the initial total number of SAT coins was 7 billion, of which 451 million had been airdropped and 6.549 billion remained. There are still 2.549 billion undropped, and 4 billion in total are development team (locked), reserve funds (locked), pre-ecological support (locked), SmartX Foundation (unlocked for project operation).

The wallet address is as follows:

1. 2.549 billion not airdropped: XXjFWSUMgWZdGZtuSd6KZpedgAUSrdATW

2. The locked part and smartx Foundation: Yv99a67QswEfnj2QYj4gxvRQyu2n2DT4M

SmartX Foundation and Development Team

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