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SmartX Beta Wallet APP Upgrade Announcement

By 04/08/2021 1月 4th, 2022 No Comments

Dear community users:

SmartX Wallet APP has been updated to V 1.1.0, and participants can upgrade within APP. Users who have not installed the beta wallet APP, please download the APP to participate in the experience and test.

Download link:

V 1.1.0 upgrade details

  • 1. Increase the SAT transfer function of pledge contracts
  • 2. Optimize the display function of GAS page
History Upgrade Review:

V 1.0.3 upgrade details

  • 1. Open the mine pool and join the pledge contract
  • 2. Optimize the UI interface of mine pool
  • 3. Add the APP update function
  • 4. Add contract trading restrictions
  • 5. Reduce the delay time of mine pool and optimize the response

V 1.0.2 upgrade details

  • 1. Automatically identify the currency and enter the transfer interface of the currency
  • 2. Prevent the situation of repeated transfer when repeated click
  • 3. Verify the password when exporting the private key
  • 4. Click the block browser to directly enter the transfer inquiry page

V 1.0.1 upgrade details

  • 1. Provide three nodes (node 0,node 1,node 2)
  • 2. Optimize payment password entry
  • 3. Add block browser query function
  • 4. Limit transfers to a maximum of 4 decimal digits
  • 5. Support resending when the transfer transaction is lost, but do not support resending when it fails
  • 6. Update the token scanning payment function to support one-to-one scanning recognition
  • 7. After adding popular assets, return to the home page to refresh automatically
  • 8. After the transaction is completed, the balance of the home page will be refreshed automatically
  • 9. The list and balance will refresh automatically after the transaction is completed
  • 10. Continue with the pending transaction after switching the APP language
  • 11. Optimize trading details display

SmartX technology development team will continue to provide you with better products, please look forward to……

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