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Announcement of release 2.1 of SmartX Test Network

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Dear SmartX Community:

In order to speed up the April mainnet launch, we will optimize the test net at 20:00(UTC+08:00) on April 2nd and release the latest version 2.1.This will clear the data of the previous test network, please pass it on to each other. Blockchain accounts are not affected by any changes and can still be used. Version 2.1 is the last version before being used on the mainnet.

Please understand the inconvenience caused to you. We hope that the majority of community members will participate in the test. Let us witness the iterative growth of SmartX in the face of new opportunities!

The mainnet upgrade content:

1. Test PoW dynamic SATDAG mining algorithm of official network

2. Increase the transfer of pledge contracts, and transfer contracts require handling charges

3. Automatic Beruler

4. Restrictions on POS nodes.A pledge contract must be created before it can become a block node

5. Contract storage optimization

6. Increase the function of warehouse locking contract

7. Increase the default transfer fee by 0.002 SAT

8. Optimized the whole network PoW calculation force statistics and single machine PoW algorithm statistics

9. Add the function of contract reconciliation

10. Creating a trade pair requires paying 100 SAT

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