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SmartX Wallet App Launch Test Notification

By 2021年3月15日 3月 17th, 2021 No Comments

The SmartX technology team will release a beta version of SmartX wallet for the community to test on March 15th at 20:00(GMT+08:00). After completing the registration of the APP, users apply for test coins in the community for testing.The main contents of the test include: APP compatibility and transaction bugs. Users are welcome to provide positive feedback.

Users experience gained from the tests will help us improve the functionality, scalability and UI/UX of SmartX wallet, and help us make better improvements to the APP.

The test coins used in SmartX wallet are only used in the test. They will be cleared periodically and cannot be used for illegal transactions. Please be aware!

With wallet APP as the carrier, users can share this technology and Dapp product updates to jointly build the SmartX public chain ecosystem.We believe that in the near future, everyone will be able to use SmartX public chain wallet. We look forward to working with our users to seek new growth, lead the evolution of blockchain technology, and shape the future together.

APP Download: https://shandianpan.com/f/2okP

Email for test feedback: simon.qxs@gmail.com

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