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Announcement of the new faucet APP on line

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The new faucet APP is scheduled to be updated from 08:00 to 09:00 on January 26, 2021 (GMT+08:00) . During the update period, faucet mining will not be affected.

【Content of this update】

1. Added registration wallet function: set and confirm password, enter the invitation code to create a wallet;

2. Optimize landing page: support SAT wallet import function, if the creation has been completed, there is no need to enter the invitation code;

3. Optimized faucet mining page: for each production of more than 30 gold coins, a gesture verification can be carried out and a reward can be collected;

4. Added built-in wallet function: when users participate in faucet mining, it is more convenient for them to view wallet account, transfer, and transaction records;

5. Optimize transaction records: transaction records are systematically optimized so that transaction data, time, block height, and transaction hash are clearly visible;

6. Wallet backup: support wallet file Keystore, private key import and export functions;

Note: Please carefully check the transfer of your blockchain account. Once the transfer is made, it cannot be recovered. Please be informed!

For more details and version content of the faucet event, please visit the official website!

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