Since our first faucet activity earlier this year, we have been preparing new activity that will enable more people to join SmartX. Now, the second faucet activity will officially start at 00:00 (GMT+08:00) on December 29. A total of 200, 000 to 500, 000 SAT coins per day are awarded to participants for free mining.

Date: December 29, 2020 — 2021 (shortened or extended according to the number of participants)

Website link:

Download from external website (apk file):

Total rewards: As the number of users increases, the total SAT increases.Rewards will be calculated based on the time zone (GMT+08:00) and updated at 00:00 each day.

Daily bonus calculation: = the number of gold coins earned by a single participant / the total number of gold coins earned by all participants * share of the day

How to join: Use the invitation code listed in the official announcement or receive a friend’s recommendation code

Program: APP / webpage to log in and collect gold coins every day

Recommend more friends and get an extra 12% bonus

Activity description:

  • 1. Log in every day and click to get rewards.Mining will start automatically.Please be patient, because the first login will require you to download about 2MB of graphics for man-machine validation, which may cause some delay.
  • 2. When mining, one gold coin is produced per second.You will collect the gold coins by clicking on the white hand, and then choose to upgrade your account.By upgrading your account, you will be able to store more coins offline and collect them when you log back on to Faucet APP.
  • 3. SAT coins will be calculated according to the number of gold coins obtained. However, if you reach the maximum number of gold coins you can accumulate offline, and you have not collected gold coins before the end of the day, you will not get this part of SAT coins.

Note: If you don’t click on the white hand to collect gold coins, you won’t get gold coins, so you won’t get SAT coins either.

  • 4. As you upgrade your account to a higher level, the number of times you need to collect coins per day will gradually decrease.You can upgrade your account up to level 60.
  • 5. You will need to log in using coral wallet’s private key. You need an invitation code to participate in the event.
  • 6. By default, each account can invite seven people, but the higher the account level, the more friends you can invite.Each account can invite up to twice its account level.For example.A level 10 account can invite 20 new people, so a total of 25 people can be invited.
  • 7. The invitee receives a 12% commission on all gold coins received by the invitee.Please note that if your friend is not logged in and collects their golds, there will be no additional gold bonus.
  • 8. The distribution of SAT coins will be completed by the end of next month. SAT coins dug up in January, for example, will be distributed at the end of February.Only accounts that are level 10 or higher and have accumulated more than 10 SAT Coins in a month are eligible for SAT Coins.SAT coins will be accumulated and distributed in N*2 weeks.
  • 9. Penalty mechanism: Malicious users, such as those who try to create multiple wallet addresses to get more SAT, will be blacklisted.We also limited the number of accounts that can be logged in from the same IP.If too many logins from the same IP address are found, the account is automatically blacklisted.When this happens, all campaigns, gold coins and SAT will be considered invalid.Such users will not receive any token rewards.We want all participants to compete on a level playing field and we will carefully monitor bad actors.Appeals against such action will be inadmissible.
  • 10. Users using system vulnerabilities will not receive SAT coins.We reserve the right to change the distribution schedule and reset the data. We will continue to collect user feedback and strive to provide a better experience for all users.
  • 11. It may take you 3-5 seconds to display the coins you have accumulated offline when you log in.In addition, you cannot collect gold coins until you have accumulated 30 or more.
  • 12. During the initial test, some users encountered abnormal situations such as being unable to open, log in, collect or synchronize data due to network connection fluctuations.If you encounter this situation, refresh the page and log in again.

The list of invitation codes that can be used to activate your account:

eb77s7 ee8eef ees8tc eb893b eb7gkd eb7k0p eew47x

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