How to use SmartX smart contract to issue your own token

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Step 1: 

If you are not a pos node, please refer to how to synchronize the nodes data document. Link: https://smartx.one/archives/4645

You need to synchronize the data to the latest altitude. If you are already a POS node, proceed directly to step 2. 

Step 2:  

Enter ipConfig at the command prompt to view the native IP, and enter port 8101 at this address in the browser 

Enter the password to enter the console

Click the wallet address in the red box area

Click publish smart contract

Fill in the CONTRACT template ERC20

create(“A”,”B”,”C”) A and B can be customized

and C is the number of tokens in the contract ,And then hit Publish

Click SAT after publication to enter the contract view interface 

The wait state becomes transaction completed  

Go back to the previous step to see the smart contract you created 

Click on the smart contract you created and you can transfer money 

Fill in the amount and transfer address, submit, and wait for the completion of the transaction 

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