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SmartX source code compilation

By 11/21/2020 1月 4th, 2022 No Comments

​Step 1: Download the SmartX source code on Github and unzip it

You can download the source code at this address:

Step 2: Install Visual Studio 2019  

Download address :

Step 3: Install ASP.NET Core 3.1  

Download address :

If your computer is 64-bit, choose X64. If it is 32-bit, choose x86. Double-click the install until it is complete  

Step 4: Visual Studio loads the SmartX source and compiles it 

To start Visual Studio2019 click on the red area belowSelect smartX source unzipped smartX.SLn file

Pay attention to the loading situation of vs in the lower left corner, and click “Build” – “Build Solution” after confirming the completion of loading.  

Check the build log below Visual Studio to make sure all builds are successful and the build is complete.  

The Bin directory of the source folder will automatically update github’s latest source after compilation

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