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SmartX mine pool test mining tutorial

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Step 1:Create testnet web version of SAT wallet, link:

The SAT wallet creation process can be viewed in the tutorial《 Web版钱包使用教程 2020.1.10 》

Step 2: Download the pool mining software

Download link1:  Code:7j7y

Download link2:  Code:SMNB

Step 3:Download the software and unzip it

Install windowsdesktop-runtime-3.1.8-win-x64.exe

Step 4Open “ Test 10.10 ” folder,edit the start.bat file and save

  • address:SAT wallet Address
  • number:device name
  • thread:thread count

Example 1: Change to start 4 Windows with 1 thread per window

Example 2: Change to start 1 window with 4 threads

Step 5:Run start.bat to start mining

Step 6:Mine pool view link

Enter your SAT wallet address to check

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