The SmartX project’s third test mining tutorial

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The creation process of SAT Wallet can be viewed in the tutorial “Web Wallet Using Tutorial 2020.1.10“.

  • Step 2: Make sure a third-party Ethereum wallet, such as imToken, has 200,000 SAT tokens to pledge for mining
  • Step 3: Download the latest V1.1 computer test mining tool

1、Click to download Chinese version      Code: SMNB

2、Click to download the English version until 21 September

  • Step 4: Extract mining tool, right mouse button edit smartx.bat file, modify it into the correct parameters, save and exit

Smartx.bat file Editing Instructions:

1. Where “PoolURL” is the address and port number of the pool, please do not modify.

2. “-threads:4” means to open four threads for mining. The data can be adjusted according to the configuration performance of personal computer, and it is recommended that the maximum is not more than 20.

3. The field after “Address” is SAT wallet address, and replace it with your own SAT wallet address.

4. The field after “ERC” is the ethereal address of SAT token pledge, and replace it with your own Ethereal address.

5. The address after “exchangeID” is the exchange ID. If the exchange does not have an ID, 11 digits beginning with 999 can be filled in.Miners who fill out the exchange ID will be given priority for rewards.

6. After reconfirming that the parameters have been modified correctly, please save them. Please check carefully and keep the space of the original document before modification.

7. Please note that the three parameters, Address, ERC and ExchangeID, must be unique and can only be registered once and cannot be modified.Once your token address is misappropriated, you must transfer the pledged token to another ethereum wallet and re-register it.

  • Step 5: Double-click the smartx.bat file to start mining
  • Step 6: Log into the SAT wallet and view the mining data, which will be automatically updated


Q1、Why exit directly after running?

A:Please refer to the tutorial to modify the parameters, the format of the parameters is wrong.

Q2、Run The mining software, “The Smartx Address Entered Does not match The existing Smartx Address”, or “The Exchange Eid Entered Does not match The existing Exchange Eid”,Or, “The Ethereum Token Address entered does not match The existing Ethereum token Address.” What do these errors mean?

A:Address, ERC, And ExchangeID parameters must be unique and cannot be modified after registration. This error means that any of the parameters of Address, ERC, and ExchangeID have been registered in the system and cannot be modified.You must modify the parameters for your first registration.If you’re not registered, that means your SAT Ethereal address could be misused.Transfer your SAT tokens to another Ethereal address and re-register.

Q3、When running mining software,appear ” RegisterERC Error: sat not enough 200000 ” ?

A: The SAT tokens on your Ethereum address are less than 20W.

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