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The Second Round of Mining Test on SmartX Web 2020.03.28

By 2020年3月28日 No Comments

Untill now, we’ve reopened the second round of mining on testnet. The following problems have been fixed:

1. Optimized storage, made data storage faster, and fixed the storage bug exposed in the first round of test.

2. Optimized the consensus logic and fixed the problems that may lead to bifurcation when applying the ledger.

3. Modified and optimized the block pump logic to pump the block incrementally. Made it pump actively when M-Muster block or trading block was lack at a certain height.

4. Optimized the display of transaction list of web wallet

5. Added interface supports block browser

6. Repaired the inconsistency between the block height and the ledger height under certain circumstances

7. Fixed the bug that data writing cannot keep atomicity under certain conditions

8. Repaired the first round of testnet mining bug

9. Optimized the block generation method with continuously adjusted vertices during mining.

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