Result Released For “Guess & Win”

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The “Guess & Win” activity, started half month ago, has now concluded. Did you get the correct answer for this question “people from how many countries took part in the Faucet 2.0 campaign?”

With the aid of Google analytics data, we are happy to announce that there were people from 137 countries and regions (including unknown area and counted as one region) Below are four winners who gave the correct answer.

0x5D17E73B0DeA570d3106eeA593A9f516e7019a092020/2/19 15:47
0x434170cCf407540B49E94670e5629A214490a42F2020/2/20 18:00
0xEAA4047FF03C8DD2e501ba99D757beb575Dd2Aac2020/2/20 20:48
0xaB705f00f8A66c39004Bd0D89f8761Eee131c07c2020/2/25 11:05

Congratulations to the above four users and 10,000 SAT will be shared as your reward. The reward token will be distributed within this month. Please look out for transaction updates in your wallet.

Here are some statistics for the Faucet 2.0 Campaign, which you might be interested. We would like to share with you these two sets of data for the Faucet 2.0 campaign in recent one and a half months.

First, the Guess & Win submission record which includes the submission time and answers of all participating users. Participants could check their own submissions against the list.

Second, an overview of the Faucet 2.0 campaign data. Data were collected from January 15th to February 29th using Google Analytics including country rank and global coverage (Data for China is incomplete)

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