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SmartX test source code is available for viewing now 2020.02.015

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Our testnet source code was posted on Github. Please check it out and your feedback will be greatly appreciated!



SAT is the main chain project developed by SmartX’s community-centred team. It is a decentralized, minable BlockDAG project with a “transaction-based DAG” structure that can achieve limitless performance expansion, which is essentially equivalent to a traditional blockchain system that can achieve limitless horizontal expansion.

SmartX’s platform will allow blockchain technology to be seamlessly adopted in use cases such as private communication, in-game payment as well as in products for example, coupons and points given by shops and merchants. It links service providers and users around the world and uses social entertainment as a gateway to building a trustworthy and secure social entertainment ecosystem.

SmartX will be an integrated and multi-functional platform for cashflow, dataflow as well as “value-flow”. In SmartX’s trust-based structure, intrinsic values of individuals and entities will be delivered through the network to form an ecosystem where both tangible and intangible values can be properly recognized. Such an ecosystem will greatly improve the efficiency of society as a whole.

Java-Smartx Based on jdk1.8 or higher


Thank you for considering helping out with our source code. We appreciate any contributions, even the smallest fixes.

Here are some guidelines before you start:

Please fork the project to contribute your pull requests. If you wish to submit complex changes, please fire an issue to communicate with the core devs first. Pull requests need to be based on and opened against the master branch. Code must be formatted using


Smartx Website Smartx Paper


GNU General Public License v3.0

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