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Faucet2.0 FAQ

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1. Q: When will faucet 2.0 start and end?

A: 2020.1.15–2020.2.28 (This might be shortened or extended according to the number of participants)

2. Q: How many SATs will be given out every?

A: One million SATs a day.

3. Q: Why is there only web version but no App version of faucet 2.0?

A: During the first phase of faucet 2.0, there will only be web version. The android and IOS APP version might be available in later phases.

4. Q: Can we close the mining page, or it must always remain open?

Answer: You can close the page after you log in and collect gold COINs. After you close the mining page, it will enter offline mining mode and automatically accumulate gold COINs. (But do remember go online and collect gold COINs later.)

5. Q: How often are rewards paid? Are they distributed daily? To where?

A: The distribution for SAT tokens earned from the faucet will be completed by the end of next month. E.g. Tokens earned in January will be distributed by the end of February. Rewards for February will be distributed by the end of March, and so on. The SATs will be sent to ERC20 wallet address which you used for register and login.

6. Q: Why not distribute SATs once a day instead of once a month?

A: If SAT reward were distributed once a day, the gas fee incurred would be a huge expense! We might get bankrupted!(☹)

7. Q: Why my page is always loading?

A: The server is currently in Hong Kong. You may experience network fluctuations due to the difference in global networks, and hence your page sometimes doesn’t load properly. Please refresh the page to retry and wait patiently as about 2MB of graphics need to be downloaded the first time of your login.

8. Q: Why the page shows “Google verification failed” when I try to log in? What shall I do?

Answer: Anti-robot function was added into the campaign site and please refresh the page and re-login according to the prompt. Google does occasionally make some mistakes, so just kindly refresh the page and retry.

9, Q: I want to log in again after quitting the campaign site, but the prompt says, “please try again after two minutes”. Why is this so?

A: Restrictions on frequent logins were made to avoid cheating. Hence, we advise to not login frequently and retry after two minutes.

10. Q: I’m trying this for the first time, but don’t have an invitation code. What shall I do?

A: We listed some activation codes for first-time users, which can be found at the bottom of this announcement. You can also join our community group and ask for invitation codes from the community members.

11. Q: I don’t know how faucet 2.0 works. Is there a guide or instruction available?

A: You can check the campaign details below. I hope it can provide you a better understanding of faucet 2.0. You may also join our community group and our community helpers can guide you too.

12 Q: Can only invite up to 7 friends?

A: Each account can invite 5 people by default, however the higher the account level is, the more friends you can invite. Each account can invite people, up to two times their account level additionally. E.g. A level 10 account can invite another 20 new people. Hence a level 1 account can only invite up to 7 people (5+1*2=7).

13. Q: Why doesn’t the invitation limit increase after I upgrade my account?

A: The number of people you could invite, will not be updated simultaneously as you upgrade your account. Please login again to see the updated number.

14 Q: Is SAT listed on any exchange?

A: SAT is not listed on any exchange yet. We will inform all community members before we get listed. Currently we are still looking for potential partnership opportunities with Exchanges. You can also recommend to us, if you have good options in mind. Please contact us through the official community group or our email (social@smartx.one)

15 Q: I recommended a lot of friends, why do I only get a small reward?

A: The reward for recommending friends is to ask friends to collect gold coins online via the app before receiving SAT tokens. For referrals that don’t end up mining their own gold coins and don’t become eligible for SAT tokens, you won’t be able to receive the referral bonus. Referrals must also mine gold coins.

16 Q: The faucet reward is becoming less and less as the number of participants increases. Are you considering increasing the reward?

A: For the time being we will not be increasing the reward. We hope that through the free token distribution activities more people will recognize SmartX and participate in the development of our community, rather than participating solely for financial gain.

We are also mindful of that fact that if too that many people will easily get the SAT they won’t value it as highly and will be more likely to sell it and move onto other projects in the future. Such a scenario would be a huge loss for SmartX as a community project.

We are the first community-based project in the DAG field and have a range of proprietary technological advancements which will be open-source and free to use by everyone. In the future, SmartX will be relying more and more on the power of our community. Through the events we run we hope for more and more people will be exposed to SmartX, learn more about it, and ultimately join us in our efforts to grow.

Although we distribute the tokens for free, we need to emphasise that they are not cheap tokens and in fact have great potential.

It’s for this reason we have engineered the current faucet campaign to provide a smaller reward as the number of participants increases. We hope that those who do receive SAT as part of the campaign will end up becoming strong supporters of SmartX.

Note: The Faucet Campaigns are not our only planned means of distributing the SAT tokens and are planning more events which will take different forms for everyone to participate and earn more. However, that is not to say that we plan for a large amount of SAT to be obtained by users for minimal effort, such as that of a Faucet Campaign.

If you have suggestions for future types of campaigns, please let us know! We’d love to hear more from the community in this regard.

Finally, if you believe you would be able to help promote our faucet campaign to a wider audience and feel the current system doesn’t provide a sufficient incentive, don’t forget that we also have a SmartX Community Marketing team where you can earn up to 100,000 SAT per month for your efforts — including running a non-English channel and/or helping us promote SmartX to new users.

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