SmartX Testnet Mining Tool

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With your SmartX Testnet Wallet created, now it’s time to start mining! In this article we will teach you how to use the SmartX Testnet Mining tool.

To begin with, download the SmartX Testnet Mining Tool here.

Note: The file will be downloaded as a .rar. If you are unable to open it, we recommend using a tool such as Winrar.

  • Unzip the file after downloading. Open the directory and right-click > edit the smartx.bat file, which is will appear as follows:
  • “poolur” is the address and port number of the mine pool, please do not modify this value.
  • “threads:6” means to open 6 threads for mining. These can be configured according to your computer performance. The recommended maximum value is 20.
  • The field after “address” is the wallet address. Replace it with your own wallet address and save it. If you have not yet made a testnet wallet, please refer to our blog post here.
  • Please save the file and double-click to run it. The following interface will appear after:
  • When “taskid start:0 end:10000” appears, it means that the mining has started. The reward for generating blocks will be reflected in your wallet not long after. At present, you may earn hundreds of thousands or even millions of SAT testnet tokens in one night based on your computer performance. It would be nice to see your balance increase, right? 😉

Please note that tesnet tokens will not be redeemable for mainnet tokens. Their purpose is for testing only. We plan to create a bug bounty for users who identify issues and provide feedback on the mining of SmartX testnet tokens. For now, if you encounter any issues please let one of our support staff know in Telegram and they will be able to assist you further.

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