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Fast Transaction

Fast transaction could be completed without a prerequisite of both parties being online at the same time.

Ecosystem and Mining

Incentive scheme is carefully designed in order to achieve a balance between different market forces.

DAG Structure

A distributed ledger technology which uses directed acyclic graph as its core data structure.

Dynamic Capacity-expansion

SmartX is capable of producing blocks independently and is highly scalable, it could be used as a dynamic expansion scheme for chain-structured blockchain.

High-performance TPS

Achieve high performance and throughput by integrating next-generation blockchain technology.It will be a revolutionary progress in both transaction capacity and speed.

Encrypted Communication

Encrypted data can be transmitted after creating a key between nodes.

Test Network Latest Progress 2020.1.10


B-DAG Algorithm

SmartX has its own proprietary, innovative DAG structural algorihm, called B-DAG algorithm

Mixed consensus

Select winning block in PoW tier, and accelerate confirmation of transactions in PoS tier

Time Penalty Mechanism

Add a blacklist mechanism with penalty blocks, adding a type of transaction called penalty transaction

Dynamic Hash Algorit

Use scripting languages such as Lua/JS to dynamically implement workload proof hash functions

  • Decentralized
  • Support PoW Mining
  • Performance Extension
  • Balance Account Model
  • Win the Main Block
  • Independent Partition
  • Trade Block Fusion
  • Transactions Are Blocks
  • Double Take Out
  • The Witch Attack
  • strong Consistency
  • Dynamic Multiple Node
  • Node Reward
  • Mortgage Dig
  • The Time Stamp
  • Node Signature
  • State Machine Processing
  • Stoore The Hash
  • Reference Relationship
  • Maximum Weight Chain
  • intelligent Contract
  • Encryption Social
  • Private Communications
  • The Game To Pay
  • Card Voucher Red Envelopes
  • Assets On The Chain
  • Security Traceability
  • Electronic Invoice
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2020年1月13日 in Tech Blog

What are the Advantages of SmartX Over Tor & I2P?

Internet privacy issues have grown in recent years to be a matter of public debate, and with that, anonymous online comm…
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The Leading Technology: Why does SmartX choose DAG?

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SmartX’s Proactive Plan to Use Ed25519

Since Curve 25519 was published in 2006, few outside of academia seemed to be interested. However, after Edward Snowden …
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The Technology Behind SmartX’s Fast Transaction Times

Recently, SmartX held an offline technology seminar which provided a chance for people who are interested in distributed…
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2020年1月16日 in EN Notice

SmartX Volunteer Recruitment

As the SmartX community has grown over the past months, we would like to explore ways of giving members of the community…
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2020年1月14日 in EN Notice

SmartX Faucet Campaign Testing Is Now Live!

Since our first Faucet Campaign in October we’ve been preparing new campaigns that will let even more people get involve…
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2020年1月13日 in EN Notice

SmartX Testnet Web Wallet Tutorial

With the SmartX Testnet completed and having undergone two weeks of internal testing to fix known problems, we have deci…
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2020年1月13日 in EN Notice

SmartX Testnet Mining Tool

With your SmartX Testnet Wallet created, now it’s time to start mining! In this article we will teach you how to use the…
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2020年1月17日 in 中文公告


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2020年1月15日 in 中文公告


        SmartX 智图是由 SmartX 社区团队研发的区块链技术公链,是一个去中心化、支持 PoW 挖矿、“基于交易 DAG”结构的社区公链项目。可实现性能无限扩展,本质上等同于平行扩展的传统区块链系统,可以无限平行扩展。 发…
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2020年1月13日 in 中文公告


久等了!新的活动将于2020年1月15日开放内测,内测期间我们准备了每日100万的SAT,只需要通过指定入口登陆即可参与。为便于全球社区成员的使用,内测第一阶段开放WEB版,预计在第一季度逐步更新App版本。 活动时间:2020年1月15日…
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SmartX Latest Project Progress Report 2019.10.30 View RePort

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